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Year: 2009

Thai title: สวยซามูไร
English title: The Vanquisher

Rating: 2/5
Director: Manop Udomdej

Main actor: Pete Thongjure,Saranyu Wongkrachang
Main actress:

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The Vainquisher is similar to a B grade movie. Lady Genja is expert in martial skills. She is working in Thai special forces as secret agent. During a mission in South Thailand, Genja is betrayed by her own organization but survives. Claire, her boss, is a treacherous lady. Two years later Genja is involved in an international terrorism threat involving CIA, Thai special forces, South Thailand islamic insurgents and Japanese Ninjas. Wajip, head of terrorists, is hidding in Bangkok. Genja has to face Claire again. English language is used in the main part of the movie as multinational teams are involved to catch Wajip. Sexy women and samourai fights cannot compensate the weak scenario and montage sequences. The owner of Sahamongkol Film International ordered all footage of Chotiros Suriyawong to be deleted from the movie "The Vanquisher" as she was rebuked for wearing a revealing outfit to the Subhanahongsa Awards. Following Tak Bai incident in South of Thailand, this action film was ordered to cut a scene showing gunmen opening fire into a mosque, or facing a ban.

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