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Year: 1996

Thai title: เสือดำ
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress:

Thai movie เสือดำ was released in year 1996. It lasts only 1h17mn. Maybe some parts are censored. Mafia leader Wanchai is arrested by police. Chief investigator Sorapong Chatree is leading the interrogation. Wanchai refuses to talk until his daughter Chantra is back. Tongchai (Chat Mongkolchai) is an old associate of Wanchai. He is responsible of Wanchai's fall in order to take his place (หากหลัง). Chantra wishes to have her father released (ประการพ่อ) but Sorapong refuses the money offered to him. Chantra is upset and wishes to get rid of both Sorapong and Tongchai. Tongchai's ruffians try to kill Chantra. Sorapong tries to disrupt Tongchai's business. Gangster war is happening between Tongchai and Chantra. Chantra hires a hitman (มือปืน), who is a woman. She tries to kill Tongchai but only finds his girlfriend. Chantra, fed up by Tongchai's behaviour, decided to manage the case directly. The police is surrounding Tongchai and his ruffians while they are negotiating with overseas traffickers. Tongchai succeeds to flee but is shot by Chantra wishing to clean her family honor. Sorapong Chatree is still a key selling point on the movie poster but during the movie, all actions scenes are played by a new generation of actors.

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