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Year: 1987

Thai title: พยัคฆ์สาวเนื้อทอง
English title: Angel Force

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: White Padungkan
Main actress: Chutima Kawinla

Thai movie พยัคฆ์สาวเนื้อทอง was released in year 1987 and lasts 1h24mn. It was released under Betamax format. Sexy scenes are cut. It was also released internationally by Filmark movie under the names “Angel Force” / “Angel of hell” through a VHS (1h26mn). It is a mix of sequences shot in Hong Kong and sequences of the Thai movie พยัคฆ์สาวเนื้อทอง. Policeman Bandit (เอกพงศ์ วงศ์ชาตรี) and young lady Reudi are friends. A drug exchange turns sour as one gang betrays the other. Bandit is assigned to this task. Some ladies are involved in this gang, but it is yet unknown what their task is. Bandit has to investigate and is acting as a taxi driver. Oon (Chutima Kawinla) is working as sexy dancer in a club. Bandit helps Oon aggressed by two ruffians. She is living with her sick mother and her daughter. Sompon wishes her daughter Reudi to become a sport champion (team ชาติ). Stepmother Chom is jealous that the dancer Oon and Sompon are still in contact. The dancer Oon is Sia's mistress (เมียเก็บ). Oon is also acting an intermediate between drug buyers and drug sellers. As her mother is sick, Oon needs a lot of money. Oon meets Rong, her old husband (แฟนเก่า). Rong is aware of her dirty business. Upset with her husband Sompon, Chom goes in a club to find happiness. Sompon is upset that Chom comes back home late. He chases her from home. Chom prepares a revenge and hires again two ruffians (รับจ้าง) to get rid of Oon. They failed the first time. Rong loses against White Padungkan at pool game. He has 6000 THB debt and fighting erupts. Rong needs to find money urgently so he asks money again to Oon. Meanwhile Bandit tries to get more information from Reudi as he highly suspects her father involvement. A Chinese dealer is arriving in Thailand. Oon steals the Chinese dealer’s drug by betraying him. Meanwhile the two ruffians, hired by Chom, enter in Oon's home but she is not here. They hit Rong waiting for money from Oon. Bandit arrests the two hitmen (มือปืน). Rong believes Oon sent the two ruffians to kill him. As he hits Oon, Oon's daughter shoots him. They flee but Bandit and police arrest them. The Chinese dealer is upset that Oon and Sompon betrayed him. His team tries to kidnap Sompon's daughter, but it fails as police intervenes. Ruffians are shot. Oon tells the truth regarding Sompon so Bandit arrests him (ทำหน้าที่).

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