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Year: 1965

Thai title: มังกรเดือด
English title: Red Dragon

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Stewart Granger
Main actress: Metta Roongrat

This movie Red Dragon / “มังกรเดือด” takes place in Hong Kong in year 1965. A Chinese man called Confucius kills two US spies including one lady, who was working for a man called Milo. An international gang is smuggling nuclear material from USA to communist China through Hong Kong. Scott (Stewart Granger) has to investigate on this per his FBI duty. He has to go to Hong Kong. He shall go with an attractive lady called Carol. He is using a secret gadget being a mini mobile phone in a watch in order to stay in contact with her. Carol, renamed Miss Davis, replaces another lady supposed to work for the man called Milo. Miss Davis meets Milo and he uses her as a telegraphist. She sends coded messages she doesn't understand. They bring her from America instead of using a local telegraphist for better security. Mei Ping (Thai actress Metta Roongrat) is Milo's house governante. Scott escapes a murder tentative. A man called Norman helps them locally. Scott enters in Milo's house by claiming being insurance life insurer regarding his former secretary who died. Something is hidden in trunks. Scott is uncovered. Scott's car gets shot while he is driving to Milo's warehouse but he miraculously escapes. Miss Davis is responsible to get the secret code. Scott is captured while investigating in their warehouse. Miss David is also uncovered. Milo panics and flees with money. Norman, who is in fact the big boss, kills him. Norman and his assistant Blanche flee by junk taking Carol as hostage. Finally Scott, chasing the junk, succeed to release her. The others die during the explosion of the junk. This movie allows seeing an old Hong Kong that is gone forever such as the Broadway theater, going with a rickshaw through streets full of shophouses, ballad on sampan, Kai Tak airport including rickshaw at the entrance, ferry to cross the harbour as no tunnel was built at that time.

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