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Year: 1986

Thai title: ตำรวจเหล็ก
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Kom Akadej

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,Sombat Methanee,Kom Akadej,Pipop Pupinyo,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Marsha,Nanthida Kaewbuasai

Thai movie ตำรวจเหล็ก was released in year 1986. Kom Akadej is the movie director. The movie lasts 1h40mn. Sombat Methanee is a police police commander (ผู้บังคับ) enquiring on a murder. Chanyut was found dead in his swimming pool. 2000M baht have disappeared following the murder. Bin (Bin Banleurit) finds an earring there. Pim (Marsha playing in her first movie) is a journalist (นักข่าว). Muat (หมวด) Bin kills two ruffians having shot policemen. Singer Chengila (Nanthida Kaewbuasai) is harassed by (ขอตัว) Nai Chareun Phran, son of an influential banker and also targeting to be a parliamentary. Fighting happens in the club. Bin arrests Nai Chareun Phran but he is released thanks to his father. Investigations on hitmen are ongoing. Pim enters illegally in a Chinese temple to take pictures of a ceremony. Hitman Chat Mongkolchai is present. A money exchange shall happen between Chat and the son of Sia in order to release Sia. Pim recognizes Bin and reveals by mistake that Police is part of the Chinese lions dancers. Shooting happens and all ruffians are killed. Bin is looking for information on another hitman called Seua Weng. Weng is looking to flee overseas so looking to exchange Thai baht in dollar. He is shot by another fierceful killer, Ai Tong Bai boon Sung, before being able to flee. Bin suspects Kaewbuasai should be related to Chanyut as he found she is wearing only one earring. Chengila was the girlfriend of Chanyut. Chengila has seen the murderer, i.e. Nokhun, famous lawyer (ทนายความใหญ่) and even took a video. Entertainment place Chao Praya 3 is the place where the killer is coming every day to see a girl. Nai Chareun Phran, helped by his lawyer (Kom Akadej) frames Bin in a trap. Chengila blacklists the lawyer Nokhun by asking 200M Baht. The lawyer puts some fake policemen in front of Chengila’s condo but Bin arrests them. As usual Pim is here to take pictures. Bin suspects Chengila is not telling the whole truth to him as there should be a reason why fake policemen kept watching her flat. Later on the killer erupts in the disco and tries to shoot Chengila. She escapes thanks to Bin, who is injured. She flees but finally gets shot by the hitman. Before dying, she calls the police and talks about a tape hidden in the bathroom. Bin’s assistant finds it and the lawyer is identified as the killer. Nai Chareun Phran is afraid and sends the killer to get rid of the lawyer. He is only injured and ends up at the hospital. The lawyer tries to corrupt Bin’s assistant but to no avail. The killer erupts in the hospital and kills Bin’s assistant. The lawyer succeeds to flee. Final scene is happening around a political meeting scene. Nokhun injures Nai Chareun Phran and both get arrested. Bin with Pim’s succeed to neutralize the killer.

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