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วายร้าย 4 คิงส์
วายร้าย 4 คิงส์

Year: 1986

Thai title: วายร้าย 4 คิงส์
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: Payoong Payakul

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Chaiya Suriyun,Lak Apichat
Main actress:

Thai movie วายร้าย4คิงส์ was released in year 1986. It was released under VCD format by Lepso Studio Company and lasts 1m27mn. Movie director is famous action movie director Payoong Payakul. Main actors and actresses featured in this movie are Sorapong Chatree,Chaiya Suriyun,Lak Apichat, นีรนุช อติพร. Some sequences of the movie (four minutes) are censored in Thailand as it features various daring sequences such as the three robbers with three prostitutes. Those sequences can be seen in the international release “Shoot Out” done by Filmark production. “Shoot Out” movie mixes the Thai movie “วายร้าย4คิงส์” and some action sequences shot in Hong Kong. During a jewelry robbery, two women are kidnapped. The three robbers finally release their hostages and flee inside the forest. By using grenades, the robbers succeed to flee the police. The head of police is Chaiya. Sarawat Sorapong receives duty to catch them. The head of police recommends him to check with a singer called Riem in a bar frequented by Hong Kong and Singapore citizens. Apichat provides support to the robbers, who are coming from Hong Kong. Riem is in fact undercover policewoman. Despite bring identified by Riem, the Hong Kong thieves succeed to flee and try to catch a plane to Saudi Arabia. They are caught at embarking gate in Don Meuang airport. The head of ruffians sends two Charlie's angels to get back the three Hong Kong men. On trial day, Apichat succeeds to release two Hong Kong guys through a daring escape. One fails to escape and is caught back by the police. Fai Chai is another local Thai helping them. The boss doesn't leave his teammates (ลูกน้อง) in difficulty. As Fai Chai is identified, Thai police storms the house where ruffians are hiding. All are killed. Thai police saves face (ตำรวจไทยไม่ขายหน้า).

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