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Year: 1984

Thai title: ไอ้ชาติเหล็ก
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Dam Datsakorn,Sombat Methanee,Doo Dook Kradon,Pipop Pupinyo,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Linda Khatancharoen,Apiradee Pawaputanon

Thai movie ไอ้ชาติเหล็ก was released in year 1984 and lasts 1h50mn. It is available under VHS format. The picture quality is very sharp. Policeman Ran (Toon Hiransap) has to take over an important task, i.e. intercept a truck hiding illicit goods. Cannabis (กัญชา) is seized. The ruffians' leader Linda (Linda Khatancharoen) is upset so she wants to meet Police inspector Ra (หัวใจเป็นเหล็ก). Tanum (Dam Datsakorn) is working for her. Doo Dook Kradon and Tiu (Sombat Methanee) are playing foreign tourists and visit a gogo bar. Back to countryside, Tiu learns that his wife Jan was raped and killed while he was away. Doo discovers that his wife is living with Pipop Pupinyo now (เมียพี่มีชู้). Unable to give a lesson to Pinyo, Doo receives help from Tiu! Both Ran and policewoman Apiradee Pawaputanon are given to mission to find the drug traffickers in Isan. Waew (Chat Mongkolchai) has arguments with Ran, disguised as a ruffian (นักเลง อาละวาด). Waew receives some help from Tiu and Doo. Tanum, following a recommendation from Waew, hires Tiu and Doo as drivers. Following some shootings and fightings, Ran is framed by Waew and Tanum. As Ran's gunshot unfortunately another policeman and a ruffian, Ran is accused in front of other policemen to be a rogue policeman. Ran is arrested and dismissed as police officer. Anyway he continues his investigation in order to clean his name. Waew takes profit of the ruffian's death to abuse his wife. Tiu kills Waew as he is one, who raped his wife. Tiu and Doo flee. They take refuge in Linda's house per Tanum's advice. As Tanum fails a few times during drug transportation, a waitress played by Apiradee is suspected. She is kidnapped. Seeing Tiu and Linda close together, Tanum is upset and frames him by warning the Police regarding the next drug transportation. Ran releases Apiradee. Tiu escapes to the Police. Tiu is very upset as nobody told him what was inside the truck. This time, Tanum tries to shoot him but Doo is killed instead. Tiu kills Tanum through a fierce fight. Linda's birthday happens in weird conditions. Ran is captured and refuses to join the ruffians in drug trafficking. This time Apiradee releases Ran and they quickly go to the pier to catch all ruffians. Tiu and Linda are arrested. It is seldom seeing Sombat Methanee playing a bad guy. Life conditions push Tiu to become a bad guy as he followed Linda's asking for help. Being arrested, Linda asks Ran for compassion towards Tiu as she is the one sole responsible but Tiu will still have to answer about his acts to Thai justice.

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