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Year: 1980

Thai title: ผ่าปืน
English title: CRIME TARGET

Rating: 3/5
Director: Chalong Pukdeewichit

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Rith Luecha,Manop Aussawathep,Sahat Piempongsan,Boo Wibunnan
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun,Duangcheewan Komolsen

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Chatree (Sahat Piempongsan) and Boo (Boo Wibunnan), two rich men, take part to social activities implying donations. Chatree's wife (Duangcheewan Komolsen) is a former bar singer. Their relationship is not going on well. Meanwhile ruffians rob a jewelry. Police inspector (สารวัตร) Kampan shots them (จับตาย 3 ศพ). Manop, brother of two deceased ruffians, is upset and looks for revenge towards Kampan. Naowarat, new young female policeman, has to work with Kampan (Sombat Methanee) known as "pitiless gun" (ปืนโหด). Kampan has lost his wife during an intervention. Since that time, he is a lonely policeman and is well known to kill bad guys with one bullet only with his magnum 357. Naowarat's father is the head of Thai police. Naowarat just comes back from Chicago after high successful studies. Chatree is the owner of a nightclub but he is losing money. Outside the nightclub, two thugs try to kill Kampan but they get finally shot by him. Reut and Manop try to kill inspector Kampan again. As they fail, they flee through a school minibus. Without knowing it, there are Chatree and Boo's sons in the minibus! Children are used as protection (ตัวประกัน). The ruffians ask for a ransom of 10M baht that shall be carried by Kampan (มือดี). Kampan brings no gun but has a special watch in order to be located anywhere. Chatree is in fact Manop's boss (เจ้านาย). Kampan's watch is discovered and after some torture, he is put in a sealed hole with Chatree's wife and her lover dead bodies. Buried alive, Kampan escapes death thanks to some workers finishing Chatree's house canalisations. The ruffians ask 1M USD to the Chinese businessman against his son's life. Money exchange shall happen in a full football stadium but Kampan and Naowarat make their plan foiled. Reut is killed. Chatree and Manop bring the kids into a disaffected factory. Following his own son pleas, Chatree surrenders. Kampan shots Manop. Children are freed. It could be the Thai version of "Dirty Harry" as Kampan also does self justice. The Thai version lasts 1h38mn. An international version was also released by Filmark production and is lasting 1h30mn. The international name is "CRIME TARGET".

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