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Year: 1976

Thai title: แบ๊งค์
English title: Bank

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Krung Srivilai,Lo lieh,Thep Thienchai,Nirut Sirijanya,Boo Wibunnan,Somchai Samipak,Ruj Ronnapop
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Pawana Chanajit,Orasa Isarangkul,Sulaleewan Suwanthat,Sasithorn Phetrung

Thai movie แบ๊งค์ was released in year 1976 and lasts 1h51mn. A remastered version was released in decade 2010s. Shaft movie (1971) soundtrack music is used. Boo Wibunnan is using armored car from bank to transport money. During transportation, the convoy is attacked and money is stolen. An ambulance car is used to be discrete, but police is chasing them. Robbers throw some money to cause a traffic jam and to block the police. The police identifies that 10M THB was stolen but it is fake money. As the fake banknotes are very good quality, Thai police wants to keep it low profile to avoid Thai population to be worried about fake money. Thai police calls back Lit (Sombat Methanee) to investigate. He is currently busy shooting a romance movie directed by Ruj Ronnapop and with actress Orasa Isarangkul. Thep Thienchai, Lit’s friend, puts the fake money in the bank. Thep is kidnapped as Boo and Somchai Samipak believe Thep is part of the gang, who stole their money. Lit is following them as he wishes to know who produces the fake money. Releasing Thep, Lit wishes to join Boo as partner. Another 10M bath transaction shall happen soon. A plane brings the money. Police intervenes. Ruffians are neutralized. Lit succeeds to enter in the plane before it takes off. The pilot is his friend Po (Krung Srivilai). Po is just a transporter as he doesn't know where the money is coming from. He receives orders from Hong Kong. Lit flies to Hong Kong and meets inspector Fe (Lo lieh, Hong Kong actor). Some men follow Lit. Fe and Lit find Po again. Po's multiple trips to Hong Kong have intrigued Hong Kong Police so they dispatched a policewoman named Teresa (Aranya Namwong) acting as a singer to check Po. Lio, the bar owner, doesn't like Teresa to mingle with Po so he sends tough men to give a lesson to Po and Lit but it fails. During the fighting, Nirut Sirijanya is injured. Po and Lit send him home and meet his younger sister Lin (Pawana Chanajit). Lio is their uncle and educates them as their parents are dead. Lio is suspected to be the fake banknotes producer. Lio tries to abuse Lin. Lin is going to Chinese University of HK. Sulaleewan Suwanthat brings her to school every day. For their safety, HK Police keeps Lin and her brother. Her brother, being addicted to drugs by Lio, flees after stabbing a policeman. He informs Lio that HK and Thai police are investigating on him. Ruffians attack Lit and Po again in order to catch Lin but it fails. Po takes the opportunity to meet Sasithorn Phetrung. Lin identifies that Nirut is often going in a Chinese temple. HK Police investigates. Under the temple, there is a secret factory producing banknotes. Nirut’s father, still alive, is producing fake money for Lio. Knowing that his daughter is now safe with HK Police, he wishes to stop doing this bad business. Fighting erupts with Lio. Lio shoots Nirut and his father then burns the whole temple. Back to his club, he wishes to flee overseas with Teresa, but he is shot by the paralyzed lady, being his club business partner and who is in fact a man! The partner shoots Teresa and flees with the money. Lit and Fe chase the man by car up to Pa Sha Wan and then by boat. About to flee by helicopter, Lit shoots him and all the banknotes fall in the sea...

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