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Year: 1975

Thai title: นายอำเภอใจเพชร
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Nard Poowanai,Pipop Pupinyo,Krai Kanchit,Sawin Sawangrat,Sukon Koewliam,Choomporn Theppitak,Lak Apichat,Dam Datsakorn
Main actress: Tanyarat Lohanan,Orasa Isarangkul,Somjit Sapsamruey

Thai movie นายอำเภอใจเพชร was released in year 1975. The movie is lost in Thailand. A twelve minutes sequence in bad state can still be seen. Other actors not seen in the remaining sequence include โดม, Krai Kanchit, อัมรัตน์, Somjit Sapsamruey, Sawin Sawangrat, จรัสศรี, หมี. The new chief district officer wishes to clean the district and to get rid of the dark influence. He is getting support from local people. The chief district officer (Nard Poowanai) just arrives in his new district. He visits his subordinates including Tanyarat Lohanan working in school and invites them for introduction lunch. Pipop Pupinyo being around with other ruffians warns the new chief district officer that real power (อำนาจ) is with weapons here. Later on while Pipop is busy with a young lady played by Orasa Isarangkul, he gets warned by corrupt policeman that this new chief district officer is different. Pipop promises to manage him. During the introductory lunch, the new chief district officer scolds many of his subordinates for not being dedicated to their job and to local citizens. Sukon Koewliam, Choomporn Theppitak, Lak Apichat are part of the guests. Dam Datsakorn, Pipop and two other ruffians arrive and invite themselves to the party. As they are looking for troubles, the chief district officer removes his shirt and insignia to give a boxing lesson to Dam. The remaining sequence stops here. Even when Nard Poowanai became real government officer as assistant district officer (ปลัดอำเภอ), Thai people still refers to him as chief district officer (นายอำเภอ) as this movie was really very famous and popular.

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