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Year: 1975

Thai title: นักเลงเทวดา
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Sombat Methanee

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Tat Ekathat,Sawin Sawangrat,Kom Akadej,Kamthorn Suwanpiyasiri,Choomporn Theppitak,Pipop Pupinyo,Krai Kanchit,Sukon Koewliam
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Naiyana Shewanan,Orasa Isarangkul,Metta Roongrat,Sasima Singsiri,Donnapha Sophee,Manat Boonkiet

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Thai movie นักเลงเทวดา was released in year 1975. The VCD lasts 1h32mn. Metta Roongrat as market merchant (แม่ค้า) is harassed by ruffians. A car is driven by a mysterious hitman, who kills most of the ruffians of Kamnan Wattana. Wattana (Tat Ekathat) is upset. Kamnan Wattana's daughter, called Wantanee, is played by Naiyana Shewanan. Orasa Isarangkul is also a market merchant (แม่ค้า). Nobody saw his face but he was wearing a red clothing. Thewada (Sombat Methanee) is wearing a red shirt so he is identified as the hitman. Thewada wishes to revenge his friend Somsak killed by ruffians (เทวดามาคิดบัญชี). Thewada enquiries on various ladies to uncover the mysterious hitman. Somsak's wife (ผู้หญิงใจร้าย)(Sasima Singsiri) is involved in the murder with the help of Sawin Sawangrat. Thewada helps Wantanee (ลูกสาวกำนัน). Thewada is not the mysterious killer in red shirt but is willing to find who is behind. Similar to a Thai James Bond with gadgets and kissing all girls (หลงเสน่ห์). Kamnan Wattana agrees to take him as new staff before being son in law (ลูกเขย)! Thewada gets support from Dam (Kom Akadej). A car ‘chase happens between Thewada and Kan (Kamthorn Suwanpiyasiri). A sister (Aranya ‘Namwong) and her brother (Choomporn Theppitak) are looking for the man, who killed their father นาย Vitun. They believe Thewada is the killer but he succeeds to escape their house just to be captured by Kan (องค์การ). Pipop Pupinyo is part of Kan's team. A third group is with Sawin and Somsak’s wife. Kan storms Kamnan Wattana's house and kidnaps his daughter. Metta and Osara are also kidnapped. Thewada and Dam then storm Kan's house to release the ladies. Krai Kanchit is part of Kan's team. Fighting and shooting happen until all ruffians are neutralized or killed. The movie ends up with Thewada leaving with both ladies Aranya and Naiyana.

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