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Year: 1969

Thai title: ทรชนเดนตาย
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Adul Dulyarat,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Adinan Singhiran
Main actress: Sopha Sataporn,Metta Roongrat,Kaenjai Meenakanit

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This Thai spy movie starts very similary to “Impossible Mission” TV serie with tapes giving instructions. Jiep (Adul Dulyarat), expert in explosives, finds Saen (Surasit Sattayawong) in Ayuthaya. They need to find Nin (Mitr Chaibancha) in Bangkok, handsome guy and always butterflying with ladies. They have to do a secret mission related to Thailand and to complete within one month. Target is to neutralise a dangerous secret organisation (เวียดนามเหนือ). They need to find a fourth teammate (number 46) in Udon Thani. Guerrilla group soldiers (ทหารป้า) are terrorising villagers by burning their houses and even killing them. Kaneung Ha (Sopha Sataporn) is the group leader. Saree (Metta Roongrat) has been forcefully enrolled. When her parents are killed, she finally deserts. The three men finds Saree burying her parents. She accepts to join them in order to show where the guerilla is hiding. They spend one night in a villager house. This one informs the guerilla of the group presence. They flee on time but Saen doesn't trust Saree anymore and tries to kill her (ทรยศ). Kaneung Ha recruits strong men in villages by luring them with beautiful ladies (Kaenjai Meenakanit). Nin and his two friends succeed to be recruited. Kaneung Ha believes the three men are spies from government (ศัตรู) so they get tortured. Finally Kaneung Ha has pity on them. Meanwhile police is sending officers disguised in clowns (Prachuap Ruekyamdee). Saree offers her help too (ร่วมมือ). The three men receive orders to kill the three policemen and Saree in order to prove their obedience to the organisation. Two guards shall oversee the mission. The three men capture the three policemen following a tacit agreement. Following their first mission success, the big boss sends them to Udon to make airport details recording. Yot is jealous of Nin as he knows Kaneung Ha starts to love him. The big boss is trusting now the three men and shows them the missiles stored in the base. Nin declares his love to Kaneung Ha. Saree helps the three policemen to flee. Nin defeats Yot in one to one fight. Police is back with many men. Meanwhile Jiep tries to neutralize the missiles. Nin brings Kaneung Ha with him before the explosion. Police faces strong opposition before reaching the base. Kaneung Ha is the real number 46 they were looking for. She helps Nin to fight the traitors. Finally the missiles are destroyed and the ruffians are all captured. The movie has still colorful and good quality image. It is a 2h27mn movie and the VCD is almost full. In those 1960s movies, no direct kisses are shown. Mitr kisses Sopha but still prudery happens. Like many 1960s action movies, ทรชนเดนตาย film (1969) has a nationalist trend.

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