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Year: 1967

Thai title: ทรชนคนสวย
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Mom Ubon Yukol

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Ruj Ronnapop,Somkuan Krajangsat,Sukon Koewliam,Man Teeraphol,Adinan Singhiran
Main actress: Orasa Isarangkul

ทรชนคนสวย is a Thai movie in 35mn format and lasting 2h20mn. It should even be longer as some parts of the film are missing. It seems it was never released in VCD or DVD format but only in VHS format. ทรชนคนสวย is a spy genre movie from 1960s. Such movies follow the popular trend traced by James Bond 007 films. ทรชนคนสวย still has a nice and colorful picture. Vichien, the boss of a secret organisation, is seen as a traitor and fired. A big amount of drugs worth 100M baht has disappeared. Pusit (Somkuan Krajangsat) is a military officer looking for it. Police is also looking for it. Vichien's best friend in the organisation kills him. Vichien's daughter Lin (มิสจิ้นหลู - นางฟ้า from Taiwan) is living in Hong Kong. She wishes to understand why her father was killed. Reung (Mitr Chaibancha), a former policeman, meets her in a hotel. Cheng (Man Teeraphol) contacts Reung to buy the plan guiding to the hidden drug versus a 20M bath price. As Cheng got only half of the money, he gets only half of the map! Suriyan (Ruj Ronnapop) is a policeman. Lin (น่ารัก) listens to Reung and spies his room (แอบฟังอยู่) but she gets discovered by him. She wants to buy the map also. Meanwhile Cheng discovers that sympathetic ink has been used for the map he just bought! Reung shall meet Lin in a nightclub located in Kowloon. She is singing there. Two songs are featured (ปากของคุณน่าจูบจังเลย). Reung and Ruj need to flee the nightclub as Cheng sent a bunch of ruffians there. Back to Bangkok, Reung loses a bet to a mysterious Indian guy wishing to get his clothes as the map is inside. Following a fighting in the casino, Reung flees wearing underwear only and riding a motorbike with Lin. Reung has many enemies. Ruffians try to get back the drugs worth 100M bath (ฝิ่น). Lin is going to Songkla and shall meet Reung there. Ruffians and police are on the way to Songkla also. Suda (Orasa Isarangkul) pretends a car failure to meet Reung. She is dangerous (ปีศาจ) and is working for the secret organisation (ถึงอาบคงไม่หายความร้อน / ยินดีเสมอครับ). Meanwhile Lin is drugged in the train by Lin's father former best friend. She is saved by Pusit. The opium is hidden under Vichien's grave. Overcoming danger and traps, Reung and Pusit succeeds to enter under the grave and release Lin. Ruffians flee by submarine but it is sunk by Thai army rapid boats. Reung and Lin get married. This movie is directed by Mom Ubon Yukol who is a Thai prince and father of famous Thai director Chatrichalerm Yukol.

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