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Year: 1973

Thai title: รสสวาท
English title: Killer in the dark

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Phairoj Jaising
Main actress: Prim Praphaporn,Christine Hui Saan

Thai movie รสสวาท / Killer in the dark / 奪命客 was released in year 1973. It lasts 1h35mn. The film is still available in German language but it was originally a Thai / Hong Kong co production. A lady called Jenny (Prim Praphaporn) invites a man in her flat to make love. The movie includes very sexy daring scenes that really differ from Thai movies in the 1960s. As those scenes are played by substitutes (heads are never seen), it is probable that the Thai version never included those daring scenes. Jenny has to go back urgently to Thailand as her father just died. Van (Phairoj Jaising), Mr Lee and Linda (มิสซีซาน / Christine Hui Saan) support Jenny during this difficult time. A man kills a prostitute at nighttime with a razor after having made love to her. His face is not seen. Linda is a press reporter so she investigates. While waiting for Linda, Van sees a strange strong man with a chopping knife so he follows him. It seems to be a crazy man and a fighting erupts. Jenny finally accepts the advances of Mr Lee but another man is always peeping at her. Once Mr Lee is gone, Jenny is also killed with a razor blade. Finally police captures the strange strong man but Van doubts he is the killer. Van finds a shirt button in Jenny's room so he believes Mr Lee is the murderer as he finds a shirt with a missing button belonging to Mr Lee. Mr Lee has an alibi. Another woman is killed. Mr Lee goes again with a prostitute and she is found dead again. A button belonging to Mr Lee is again found near the dead body. Mr Lee is arrested this time. While Van is away, the killer tries to get rid of Linda. The killer chases Linda through car and her mini falls in the water. Mr Lee is then released. Police keeps Van's passport as they believe he could be involved also... Van identifies the murderer (Fong Yau) on a photo developed by Linda. The murderer gets the film roll back but kidnaps Linda to exchange her with the photo kept by Van. Chase happens between the murderer, Van, Mr Lee and the police. The final scenes are taking place in Hong Kong in an old World War 2 fort. Van finally saves Linda from the murderer. Worth to note that Phairoj Jaising’s Chinese name is Poon Lok!

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