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Year: 2013

Thai title: สารวัตรหมาบ้า
English title: The Cop

Rating: 4/5
Director: MR Chalermchatri Yukol

Main actor: Note Chernyim
Main actress: Krystal Vee

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Thai movie สารวัตรหมาบ้า / The Cop was released in year 2013 and lasts 1h59mn. Movie director is MR Chalermchatri Yukol. He is the son of the famous Thai movie director MC Chatrichalerm Yukol. Behind the scene sequence. Wasan (สมชาย เข็มกลัด) is a Thai police inspector (สัรวัด). He drinks alcohol. His family relationship is very stressed. He is in conflict with another police inspector Chalad. Despite being an unusual police inspector, his boss still trusts him to solve a politician's teen daughter murder. He has three days to solve the case. Chalad (ชลัฏ ณ สงขลา) imposes a policewoman assistant, called Lin (Krystal Vee), to him. His team also includes Note Chernyim. Affected by a bad case a few years ago where children were shot by drugs traffickers, Wasan changed to become bad temper and impulsive. A man is suspected of kidnapping kids. After a failed attempt to catch him, Thai police catches him and Wasan shoots him. After doctor's investigation, the shot children kidnapper is not linked to the politician's daughter murder. Wasan and his team investigate on another man providing children for prostitution. The arrest in a bordel turns badly and two police assistants are killed. Wasan beats the shooter severely. Wasan is finally demoted due to excess of power usage. Meanwhile while sleeping at police station, his wife is killed, and his kids have disappeared. With a few colleagues, he storms ruffians' place, but his kids are not found. Wasan ends up in jail where he finds a disfigured ruffian, he caught himself many years ago. He thinks it is the ruffian's sadic revenge and Wasan has to beg him about information related to his children. Lin has a short relationship with Wasan. It is discovered that Lin has a double face, i.e. she is a hard-working policeman and she is also the daughter of a woman shot during a police case many years ago where Wasan and Chalad were involved. Lin traps Wasan and Note. Note is shot. About to shoot Wasan, Chalad shoots Lin and discloses he is the one who shot her mother as he wanted to keep her stolen money. Chalad is about to shoot Wasan to keep everything secret but...

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