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คืนบาป พรหมพิราม
คืนบาป พรหมพิราม

Year: 2003

Thai title: คืนบาป พรหมพิราม
English title: Macabre case of Prom Pi Ram

Rating: 4/5
Director: Manop Udomdej

Main actor: Somphob Benjatikul
Main actress:

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In year 1977, around 30 males reportedly raped a woman until she died. She had been kicked off her train at Phrom Phiram short of her intended stop for not having a ticket. This movie relates this story and the police enquiry to find the culprits. Local politicians had interfered with the judicial process after the crime. This action raises the inequality facing women in Thai society, especially when they are crime victims. The film's co-producer is ChatriChalerm Yukol. Manop Udomdej started working on his project after he read a book based on the tragedy written by investigative journalist Santi Sawetwimol, who uncovered details about the case that local authorities had tried to cover up.

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