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Year: 2001

Thai title: เชอรี่แอน
English title: Sherry Ann

Rating: 4/5
Director: Charoon Wattanasin

Main actor:
Main actress: Penpak Sirikul

A few years ago, the Supreme Court found four construction workers innocent of the Sherry Ann Duncan murder case (1986) after they had already spent several years in jail. One died in captivity, while another was crippled as a result of the police interrogation that forced the confessions. The four were arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment by the criminal court, on the basis of police evidence. Years later, a new investigation team reopened the case at the request of the victim's boyfriend. New suspects were arrested, who were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court. But no police investigators have been punished for the fake evidence that wrongly put the four construction workers behind bars. This movie relates this story.

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