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นายซีอุย แซ่อึ้ง
นายซีอุย แซ่อึ้ง

Year: 1991

Thai title: นายซีอุย แซ่อึ้ง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Kowit Wattanakul,Ron Rittichai
Main actress:

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Zee Oui is a Chinese emigrant looking for work in Thailand. He is coming after World War II and faces harsch discrimination from his Thai coworkers as he doesn't understand and speak well Thai. So he always has to change job. He is working hard but fails to gain enough money. He has psychic problems due to the Chinese-Japan war atrocities. He is not able to have a normal relationship with a woman. He believes that eating soup with human heart will give him supernatural power to face his nasty Thai colleagues. He then killed and raped a few Thai children in order to get their heart and liver to prepare his 'special' soup. Parents all over Thailand are worried and police is doing the enquiry to catch the children killer. Zee Oui starts to kill 3 girls in 1954 but always flee to another province after committing a crime. It takes four years for the police to catch him. He was then judged and sentenced to death. This movie are received four Thai film awards (รางวัลตุ๊กตาทอง). Three movies have been shot regarding Zee Oui's life (1984, 1991, 2004). It is based on a real story. The real Zee Oui now resides in a mummified state on display in Bangkok's Museum of Forensic Medicine.

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