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Year: 1965

Thai title: ฆ่ายัดกล่อง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sukon Koewliam,Krai Kanchit
Main actress: Prim Praphaporn,Kaenjai Meenakanit,Sarinthip Siriwan

Thai movie ฆ่ายัดกล่อง is based on a case, which is a real story and occurred in year 1965. Regarding the assassin, it was จรินทร์ สิทธิธรรม ฉายา “กระทิงแดง ศิษย์พระกาฬ”. The victim is teen กิมบั๊ก แซ่อึ้ง being 15 years old. He killed this teen and put the body in a box (ส่งศพมาทางรถไฟ) and throws it in a train going to Chiang Mai. As he was cooperative during investigation, he didn't get death sentence but life imprisonment. Movie director is อัจฉราพันธ์. Actors also include เมืองเริง ปัทมินทร์ and กิติกร สุนทรปักษิ. The movie lasts 1h46mn and is a 16mm film in mute format. The 16mm film has still a colorful image but it was never released commercially in Thailand so it is still in mute mode as 16mm films require live dubbing. The movie is probably incomplete as 1960s movies were often more than two hours long. The movie seems to diverge compared to the real police case. Two schoolmates including Kitikorn (กิติกร สุนทรปักษิ) are fighting together because of a female student. Sarinthip Siriwan is Kitikorn’s mother. The husband is a drunkard. The son Kitikorn protects his mother. The mother and stepfather finally stab each other. Kitikorn goes to Bangkok. He meets a man and his daughter (Prim Praphaporn) as soup sellers. Prim appreciates Kitikorn. Kitikorn takes refuge in an uncle's home in Bangkok. Sukon Koewliam plays a policeman role. The two youngsters, Prim and Kitikorn, leave to stay together. Kaenjai Meenakanit meets Kitikorn and convinces him to go to hotel room. It is a trick as in the hotel room, a photographer takes a picture of them. He gets threatened by Krai Kanchit. Prim goes to Krai's house and gets some money. The young man is threatened again and understands he has been fooled by Kaenchai. A movie reel must be missing as Kitikorn is then seen at hospital with Prim, going to give birth. His child unfortunately dies. Kitikorn goes to see Kaenchai again and blames her. As she wants to get rid of him by giving him money, he hits her. He needs to buy medicine for Prim but he has no money. Kitikorn steals some goods at the pharmacy but a man is killed during the fighting. Police is involved. The police leader enquiries over Krai. Police visits Prim's home but Kitikorn flees before. Police chases him in the countryside. He hides in a Buddha cave. A monk finds him. Police asks him to surrender. Prim and his uncle ask him also. The monk convinces him to surrender.

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