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Year: 1967

Thai title: ผึ้งหลวง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Somkuan Krajangsat,Tat Ekathat,Daonoi Duangjai,Sithao Petcharoen
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Kingdao Daranee,Chadaporn Wachirapranee,Kaenjai Meenakanit,Malee Wetpraseri,Mom Chan Phuangwan

Thai movie ผึ้งหลวง was released in 1967. Main actors are Sombat Methanee and Petchara Chaowarat. It is a lost movie in Thailand. Thanks to a group of former dubbers performing with 16mm movies, an old reel with small parts of lost films was found in year 2013. Other actors / actress are Prachuap Ruekyamdee, Somkuan Krajangsat, Kingdao Daranee, Tat Ekathat, Chadaporn Wachirapranee, Malee Wetpraseri, Kaenjai Meenakanit. Only a sequence of 43 seconds is left. The movie summary is still available thanks to old Thai movies magazines. The movie looks like a Fantomas type / spy type. In year 1967, actress Petchara Chaowarat had short hair. Many second role sexy actresses (ดาวยั่ว) are featured. The radio song advertisement is still available and is ending by ดีจริงๆ(very good movie).

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