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Year: 2010

Thai title: อินทรีแดง
English title: The Red Eagle

Rating: 5/5
Director: Wisit Sasanatieng

Main actor: Ananda Everingham
Main actress:

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In 2013 a nuclear plant construction is ongoing in Chumphon. Elections will happen soon. The candidate to be prime minister promises to stop the plant. The Thai society is getting worst and worst with many aggression and drug trafficking. As government cannot stop this, it is time for citizen to handle by themselves. Three years have passed. The nuclear plant construction is almost finished and nuclear opponents have been chased away. Young lady Wassana tries to convince her former boyfriend, now prime minister, to do something but he refuses. He argues that destruction of country side (เสียสละ) is needed for the welfare of the whole country (ประโยชน์ชาติ). He also acknowledges that he lied to be elected. Meanwhile police is investigating on a mysterious man called "Insee Daeng" as a group of drug dealers have been found violently butchered. Insee Daeng also enters in a senator house and kills him violently. The senator was always bringing underage girls to his home. If the Thai police and the law cannot perform properly their duty, then Insee Daeng will have to intervene. Insee Daeng is a modern justiciary hero fighting against corrupted men. A policeman called Chat wishes to catch him. Rom, young man, is “Insee Daeng”. He got a bullet in the brain and needs to take morphine often to ease the pain. Wassana knows him as she helped him to escape before. A mysterious organisation, a group of masked men (การเมืองเลว), want to get rid of Insee Daeng and recruits a dangerous assassin to kill him. Chat, the policeman, is assigned to protect a corrupted businessman. It turns bad in a nightclub. There is impressive shooting in Bangkok, dark and modern city and an epic fight with the assassin on a billboard and inside a department store. On top of this Chat and SAWT forces are chasing him. The corrupted prime minister, who got his campaign paid by the nuclear plant company, needs to prevent any stop of the construction by getting rid of the opponents to the project including his former girlfriend Wassana. Rom and Chat know each other as Rom was previously a policeman but Chat is unaware that Rom and Insee Daeng are the same man. A team of bikers try to kill Wassana but Insee Daeng helps her on time. The prime minister is the head of the cabal. Despite being a violent gory bloody and modern movie, there are still funny moments such as the car chases between a taxi and ice cream motorbike. He needs to finish the job against the Prime Minister and get rid of the punisher (ปีศาจดำ). Through an epic final the punisher is defeated. In Chumphon, the peaceful demonstration is crushed by the police. Wassana is in danger. Can Insee Daeng help her on time? This movie got disillusions at box office with only 13M baht. It was released on October 07 2010, one day before the 40th anniversary of the death of Mitr Chaibancha following the tragic deadly accident in Golden Eagle (อินทรีทอง) movie. It is still unlikely if the second part of the movie will be produced. Wisit Sasanatieng had issues when directing the film as he had to juggle between his artistic wishes and the commercial producer wishes. Some contemporary political elements could easily be interpreted as the movie casts politicians as the villains.

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