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Year: 2003

Thai title: คนปีมะ
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Note Chernyim

Main actor: Jaturong Mokjok,Krung Srivilai,Note Chernyim,Chatchai Plengpanich,Akom Preedakul,Chusak Aiemsuk
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun

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Thai movie คนปีมะ was released in year 2003. It lasts 1h59mn. Note Chernyim is the movie director. It is a musical Comedy. Four guys are having bad luck, i.e. Nok (นภัสกร มิตรเอม) a Thai boxer defeated and his girlfriend leaving him for an older richer man, Kung (Jaturong Mokjok) a Likay performer injuring incidentally his mother (Naowarat Yooktanun), David (ถั่วแระ เชิญยิ้ม) always failing magic tricks, Pao (ชูษี เชิญยิ้ม) wishing to be a singer. As they complain that gods are not helping them, the gods finally send an angel (เทวดา) called Sai Fa to help them. Same as Terminator movie scene, the angel comes to help them. All are born the horse year (คนปีมะ). Multiple country songs (ลูกทุ่ง) are happening during the movie. The five friends help a young lady called O (นิธิพร มั่นนาค). Her father is close to Nai Amnat (Krung Srivilai). Nai Amnat tries to be a nice man as he gives money to support the school, where O is a teacher, but he is in fact a ruffians’ leader dealing with drugs. His friends tease Nok as he is only a poor guy (หมาวัด) and has little chance to win O’s heart (ดอกฟ้า). Nok meets Chatchai Plengpanich, his idol. Chusak Aiemsuk is playing a small ruffian’s role also. A woman has proofs against Nai Amnat’s illegal activities. Before fleeing, she gives a CD to her son. He takes refuge with the five friends but the ruffians keep looking for the child. The five friends protect the child and the angle Sai Fa uses his special power to help them. Nai Amnat hires hitman Prakan (Akom Preedakul) to get rid of the five friends. Police finally intervenes to catch the ruffians. Nok gets rid of the leader through Thai boxing. Sai Fa has to go back to heaven and to leave his friends. The movie got a revenue of 25M Baht.

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