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Year: 2004

Thai title: เจ้าสาวผัดไทย
English title: Pad Thai Story

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Thep Po-ngam,Somchai Sakdikul
Main actress: Mamee Nakprasitte

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Phet (เพชรา) is a young lady from a Thai Chinese family. Today there is happiness as it is her younger sister's wedding. She is still single (หาผัวไม่ได้). She puts hope in an office colleague but she discovers that he is gay. Phet losts her job but doesn't dare to announce this bad news to her father. The father is having a local restaurant business specialized in Thai Fried Noodles. She meets a teacher Surachat (อาจารย์สุระชาติ) but misunderstandings happen between them. Her father finally discovers she is out of job and she accepts to work as cook (แม่ค้าผัดไทย). There is tension between Soi (ซอย) inhabitants as a multinational company wishes to buy the houses in order to build a department store. Not all accept. One of the side-street leader is played by veteran actor Thep Po-ngam. He protests every day. Phet's father has a health weakness while Phet is out to watch a movie with the teacher. She has arguments with her sister claiming that as she cannot find a husband she should better take care of their father. Phet claims that whoever will come to eat 100 times to her Thai Fried Noodles shop will become her husband. This statement makes noise in the community. A TV producer learns about this and helps to organize a TV game. There is one million baht and Phet's hand for the winner. The game name is Thai Fried Noodles love (ความรักผัดไทย)! Feminist activists complain and call it ผัดไทยขายSex. Many people join (farang, indian, gay and even a former boyfriend Surachsi). Every day, a few people give up as they cannot stand Thai Fried Noodles overdose. At the end, only 3 candidates remain, a lady boy, the teacher and the former boyfriend. The teacher loses as Surachsi gives him a bad medicine to get sick (ท้องเสีย). He is finally qualified again as it is discovered that the lady boys were twins cheating. As the TV producer is found to be out of pennies, the former boyfriend stops also as he was only interested in money prize. Only the teacher remains and wins Phet's heart. The multinational company also finally gives up.

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