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Year: 2009

Thai title: สาระแนห้าวเป้ง
English title:

Rating: 1/5

Main actor: Koeti Aramboy,Mum Jokmok
Main actress:

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Thai movie สาระแนห้าวเป้ง was released in year 2009 and lasts 1h41mn. The three Thai comedy actors, Willie, Ple, and Hoi from popular prank show "Saranae," brought their TV show program on the golden screen. This show was very popular on TV, so the movie was also a big commercial success. It made 92M THB. A comic group hires two junior comics and perform pranks on them by using hidden camera. During 120 days, the two junior comics have to perform pranks on famous people such as comic actor Koeti Aramboy, Korean K-pop girl band called Baby Walk, Carabao Ed and comic actor Mum Jomok. They meet Mum Jomok for a movie proposal. Mum Jomok orders food without paying the bill. The three Thai comedy actors have to run away. Mum Jomok finally accepts to join their movie but is in bad mood during the shooting. A sequence with taxi driving like crazy makes Mum Jomok very upset. They try to excuse themselves with Mum Jomok. Mum Jomok complained about Saranae team but finally accepted their excuses. Maybe it was just to make a commercial buzz before the release of the movie. Finally, pranks are even performed on the two junior comics also!

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