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Year: 2009

Thai title: ฟ้าใสใจชื่นบาน
English title: Blue Sky of Love

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Phairoj Sangwaribut,Akom Preedakul,Somchai Sakdikul
Main actress:

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In October 1976 a young woman Sai wishes to support the popular movement against the Thai military dictature. But her mother is against this choice. A young man called Kong helps to push her in her mother's car so that she can be safe. A few months later, a group of friends including Kong visits a country park in Northern Thailand. They are not aware that many students have fled the army repression to take refuge inside forests. They take a wrong bus. It is full of new CPT members (Communist Party of Thailand). They are taken as new recruits. Sai is part of the trainers team. This movie is based on historical facts. Many students used to urban life had difficulties adopting to the harsh realities of guerrilla struggle. Strong rules are put in place. They have to perform public work for the community. They want to escape as life is too harsh in the camp. Heavy jokes regarding food, camp doctor and the jungle life take place. They miss Bangkok booze. They volunteer to go inside the jungle to reach a village in order to get food as they ravaged the CPT rice fields by confusing rice plants and weeds. They meet government soldiers in the village so they have to flee. The team leader cowardly drops Sai but Kong helps her. They finally get captured. The military captain, who is Kong's father, releases them. Kong and Sai are then alone in the jungle. There is a mix of comedy and romance through beautiful natural landscapes (waterfalls, mountains in the mist, sunset on top of mountain). The CPT camp is finally attacked by Thai army and destroyed. All friends and Sai flee. Sai is shot in the back by her former team leader and dies in Kong's arms. This movie mixes some historical settings, comedy, romance and drama but the blending is not that successful. Regarding viewers willing to know more about this dark period of Thai history, The Moon Hunter (14 ตุลา) is a great movie to watch.

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