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Year: 2007

Thai title: ก่อนบ่ายเดอะมูฟวี่
English title: Kon Bai The Movie

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Mum Jokmok,Note Chernyim
Main actress:

Annie, a young Bangkokian woman, is coming with four friends to help for the development of an Akha mountain village (คนดอย) in North of Thailand. Villagers doesn't speak well Thai (พูดไทยไม่ชัด) and call Annie "Khun dok mai" (คุนดอกไม้). Tit Po, mountain villager, is fond of Annee. Some ruffians capture a few villagers as they wish to build a resort and chase villagers. As a typical cliche, the boss is massaged by two bimbos. Thanks to cooperation between Annie and the villagers, the prisoners escape successfully. Annie is back to Bangkok as her father is sick. Tit Po with the help of three villagers decide to look for her in Bangkok. There are typical gags about countryside people discovering Bangkok for the first time. They stealing a fire truck to chase after Annie but are followed by the police. They are rescued by a kathoey (กะเทย) prostitute and need to resolve to pickpocketing to have money. They succeed to find a job in a Chinese restaurant. One customer is Mum Jokmok having issues with his wife while dining with his mistress. This movie includes all the major Thai comic actors that can be seen in 2000s decade movies (actor Mum Jokmok, actor Sang Tong See Sai - สังข์ทอง สีใส - famous for his ugly face, actress Duang Ta having biased eyes, actor Arn Terdterng - อ่าง เทิดเทิง - with his famous stammering speaking, actor Note Chernyim โน้ต เชิญยิ้ม, actor Somchai Sakdikul - สมชาย ศักดิกุล ...). There is a succession of comic sketches while they are looking for Annie. Tit Po discovers that Annie has a fiance already. The fiance doesn't love Anee and just uses her (งานแต่ง and then งานศพ). They decide to interrupt the wedding party and saves her from the bad fiance, who wants to hurt Annee following an old conflict revenge between their fathers. They finally all return to the Northern mountains.

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