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Year: 2007

Thai title: เหยินเป๋เหล่เซมากูเต
English title: The Three Cripples

Rating: 1/5

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Main actress:

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A group of Thai people include three cripples. Yot has bad teeth, Leh is cross eyed and Suey has a crippled leg. A policeman loves Suey and is ready to everything to ask for her hand. Suey is working in a market. When they see the fee (ค่าเช่า) required by the mafia to all market stalls, they wish to enter a local mafia gang to become rich. They are accepted and have to kidnap a teen but they mistake with the son of another mafia boss. To escape the boss fury, they have to hide in a Karaoke and then take refuge in a Chinese shrine. The mafia kid doesn't want to come back with his father. They finally end up in a haunted house. The movie ends up with good feelings (wedding, father and son reunited...). It is a typical comic movie of decade 2000 including many verbal and visual jokes. It is similar to a TV comic show with a drum beat for each gag. Such comedy can sell well but only at the local Thai market due to indigenous gags. There is still a market in Thailand for such simple but entertaining comedy. This movie is an low average production with a loose script and a collage of gags.

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