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Year: 2010

Thai title: ยายสั่งมาใหญ่
English title: I Am Grandmother

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Mum Jokmok,Jaturong Mokjok,Akom Preedakul
Main actress:

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ยายสั่งมาใหญ่ is a Thai movie released in year 2010. Chai's grandmother has gambling debts, i.e. 560 000 bath. Chai has to find solutions as the mafia is looking to get back their money. Chai identifies thanks to an old picture that Khuat (Jaturong Mokjok), a serious gambler, is his brother. Khuat is always involved in casino games (การพนัน). Khuat loves secretly Nong Muay. If he wins lottery, Khuat promises to do good deeds (ทำบุญ). Chai has supernatural skills since he falls in the river while being a novice. He can transform small items or make wishes to happen. Chai wishes Khuat to help to find money for his grandmother but he is more obsessed by Nong Muay. Khuat uses Chai to win while playing card games. Nong Muay is also indebted of 200 000 bath. Khuat pays it but the casino owner Sia asks for interest also! Khuat has promised to stop playing cards. Both Chai and Khuat are recruited as guards as they helped Mr Mongkol who had issues with casino owner Sia. His daughter called Lin is a bit plum and is keen of Chai. As Mongkol is always losing card games against Sia, he hires a champion from Hong Kong. A final game between Mongkol and the casino owner Sia shall happen and involves their whole fortune. As the Hong Kong champion has a deadly accident, Khuat needs to replace him. The daughter Lin and Nong Muay are kidnapped by the casino owner Sia. They succeed to escape. Finally Sia is defeated despite using a medium to change the cards and is losing all his fortune. The grandmother gambling debts were fake. It was a game in order to be reunited as a family with Khuat and Chai. Moralist end as all the money gains are given to charity.

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