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แสบสนิท ศิษย์ส่ายหน้า
แสบสนิท ศิษย์ส่ายหน้า

Year: 2006

Thai title: แสบสนิท ศิษย์ส่ายหน้า
English title: Noodle boxer

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Akom Preedakul,Jaturong Mokjok,Koeti Aramboy
Main actress:

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Thai movie แสบสนิท ศิษย์ส่ายหน้า (Noodle boxer) was released in year 2006. It lasts 1h36mn. A young man called Sanit is cooking in a noodle soup shop. He likes Thai boxing as his father was a former boxer (นักมวย). He is not able to fight properly. Akom Preedakul, Song (Koeti Aramboy) and Phi Saem (Jaturong Mokjok) are his friends and always coming for free soup. Akom recommends him to get some tattoos (ศักดิ์). Sanit loves secretly a young girl called Suey. Another real Thai boxer is also interested in Suey. Suey goes to see a doctor for eyes problems and is accompanied by Sanit. Suey's father complains Sanit is too weak (ขี้แพ้). Akom brings Sanit to a haunted house where a Thai boxer resided in order to get inspired. Sanit's friends encourage him to join Thai boxing contests to earn respect from Suey's father but he keeps losing. Suey is becoming blind. Sanit tries amulets (ของดี). Finally Saem, former champion, takes care of his training (ไม่ยอมแพ้). This time, Suey is really sick. His father needs to find 500 000 baht to cure her. Sanit, known as a looser, accepts to play a match for gaining that amount of money. His opponent is the other Thai boxing champion fond of Suey. Despite strong resistance and dreams of victory, Sanit is defeated again. Suey is cured as the Thai boxing champion gives the 500 000 baht having compassion for Sanit and Suey.

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