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ไอ๊หยา อาตือ
ไอ๊หยา อาตือ

Year: 1981

Thai title: ไอ๊หยา อาตือ
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Kumtorn Tubkunlai

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Boo Wibunnan
Main actress: Piyamas Monayakol

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An old 700 years old Chinese mummy is displayed in a Thai museum. Despite the numerous police guards, a robbery happens and the original mummy is replaced by a copy. A thief is injured during a shooting with police. The head of police goes to pick up his daughter Chim coming back from England at the airport and realises that her daughter's boyfriend, called Sak, has same face as the thief. Meanwhile the thief, called Kimtheun, dies at the hospital. The head of police wants Sak to replace the dead thief at the hospital so that his thievish colleagues come to free him and so the police will be able to locate the mommy. Sak cannot refuse if he wishes to marry the head of police's daughter! A Chinese descendant and owner of antique shop is the one to order the robbery. A thievish colleague comes to the hospital not to help Sak but no kill him in order that he cannot talk anymore. Sak flees and takes refuge in the colleague's car trunk. He arrives in Chinese Viharnra Sien shrine in Chonburi province. Sak has to act like Kimtheun and discovers that he has one older wife and two children. Sak doesn't speak Chinese very well. Hopefully he can argue that his head injuries cause him to lose memory. There is some light mockery of old Chinese customs in Thailand (boss with numerous concubines and much younger that the main wife, strong accent when speaking Thai, mixing of Chinese and Thai words Atia for father - Ama for mother, eat pork crazily). Next plan is to steal the Democracy Monument's two golden offering bowls in Bangkok. Arguments and comic situations happen when Chim finds Sak with the Chinese wife. Sak claims he is Kimtheun. Chim starts to be suspicious. Kimtheun's youngest brother knows well a Chim's friend so Sak is broken cover when Chim and her friends visit the Chinese shrine. Sak needs to tell the truth to Chim. Sak argues he didn't do anything with Kimtheun's wife as she cut off her husband's manhood before and gave it to ducks as Kimtheun was too unfaithful (Surgeons in Thailand have become experts at re-attaching things). Sak and Chim follow up the antique shop owner up to Baan Beung in his secret cave where he hides the mummy. Being discovered, the boss hides himself inside the mummy armour. Sak and Chim need to replace the false mummy by the real mummy before Chinese authorities find the trick. It would cause the father to lose his job. During the mummy inspection, the mummy becomes alive as the antique owner doesn't want to go to China causing a big fear to everybody. Finally Sak and Chim happily marry. Director Kumtorn Tubkunlai has directed many comedies related to Chinese culture background. It is similar style and gags as the Pink Panther movie.

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