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Year: 1979

Thai title: เขยใหม่ปึ๋งปั๋ง
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: Kumtorn Tubkunlai

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Boo Wibunnan
Main actress: Piyamas Monayakol,Runglawan Sripatimakul,Chosri Misommon,Janthana Siriporn

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Kimtom is a young man part of a wealthy Chinese family established in Thailand since a few generations. Wo is a young lady part of a Thai traditional high society family (ผู้ดี). Kimtom and Wo love each other but both families refuse this union. The Chinese family wants a rich bride for Kimtom. The Thai family wants a famous family name to match their rank. The Thai high society family despises Chinese customs (strong accent - พูดไทยไม่ชัด, laugh loudly, No good manners - มารยาท, burping during diner). Kimtom wants to prove that Wo's mother is wrong. Wo's mother is pushing towards the son of a Thai rich family linked to old aristocracy. His name is Samkhan (สำคัญ). Kimtom comes to the diner dressed with Chinese traditional old clothes. As Wo's mother thinks that Chinese food is savorless (รสชืดชืด), she makes a very spicy curry for Kimtom! Kimtom's family makes a 2M Baht donation (บริจาค). Wo's family complains about new rich people (เศรษฐีใหม่) versus old aristocracy (เศรษฐีเก่า). It is Wo turn to go for a diner with the Chinese family. Funny situations happen as she doesn't know how to use chopsticks. Finally both families agree for a wedding but the wedding needs to include Chinese and Thai ceremonies. Kimtom doesn't feel well because Wo's mother doesn't accept him. The movie raises issues regarding multiracial weddings. There should be no border for love. The wife needs to stay in the husband's home according to Chinese customs. But Wo's mother keeps her at her home. Misunderstandings keep happening (ทำประชด). Wo is pregnant. The Chinese family wants a boy first. Then both families fight over the education of the child. Finally as Kimtom helps to prevent a robbery on Wo's mother jewels and they move to their own house, happiness and understanding happen again.

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