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เท่งโหน่ง คนมาหาเฮีย
เท่งโหน่ง คนมาหาเฮีย

Year: 2007

Thai title: เท่งโหน่ง คนมาหาเฮีย
English title: Teng and Nong: The Movie

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Pongsak Pongsuwan,Mum Jokmok,Phairoj Jaising,Chusak Aiemsuk
Main actress:

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Awkard parking valets Nong and Teng are assigned by their gangster boss to deliver a valuable Chinese statuette to another gangster boss. During the journey, they decide to take a side trip and what should have been a simple job turns into a major fiasco with a police chase and many funny jokes.

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