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พระ เสือ เด็ก ไก่ วอก
พระ เสือ เด็ก ไก่ วอก

Year: 2006

Thai title: พระ เสือ เด็ก ไก่ วอก
English title: The Magnificent Five

Rating: 3/5
Director: Bandit Ritthakol

Main actor: Jesdaporn Pholdee,Charoenporn Awnlamai,Note Chernyim,Somchai Sakdikul
Main actress: Paula Taylor

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One hundred years ago two robbers (a young lady and a comic character), a false doctor and a former monk flee the police. A foreigner (ฝรั่ง) in collusion with a corrupted village head takes away the farmers' children to use them as slaves. To get back their children they need to pay a big amount of money. Farmers have heard of a local Robin Hood called Seua (เสือ). They try to contact him but meet the above quatuor but not the real Seua. They go after the kidnapers. They finally meet the real Seua. The Magnificent Five are united. They go together to search for the children but spend more time to argue on the reward sharing. The group reaches their ruffians' camp. They use Trojan horse tactic but it fails and the young lady (Paula Taylor) escapes nearly to serious problems with the camp leader. They need to reach the sea before a boat takes away the children. A fight happens. The foreigner and his ruffians are deafeated so need to flee and sail away. The young lady then decide also to neutralize the camp leader to avoid anymore kidnapping to happen. Charoenporn Awnlamai plays the comic expert in explosives. In many modern Thai movies, foreigners are often the bad guys. In old movies, the bad guys were the Burmese or the communist threat. This movie is a blending of action and comedy. Could this movie be seen as as a criticism of the foreigners stealing the Thai youth?

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