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191 1/2 มือปราบทราบแล้วป่วน
191 1/2 มือปราบทราบแล้วป่วน

Year: 2003

Thai title: 191 1/2 มือปราบทราบแล้วป่วน
English title: Crazy Cops 191 1/2

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Phairoj Jaising
Main actress:

This movie uses the eternal theme of new young policeman having to work with an old style policeman. The new young policeman is just graduated. The new young policeman claims he works for the Thai society and not for himself. The old style policeman is still believing in Buddha amulets for protection, receives bribes from shops, plays snooker during working hours, protects a local gambling den and has a relax attitude. But he is a goodhearted man. Mae, a young crime journalist, is assigned to accompany them on the field. Their ways of working are completely different. The young man spends a lot of time in negotiation. The older man goes straight to the point. The older policeman has a young wife. As his young wife left him for a younger and richer man so he is in bad mood and bad shape. In parallel of this story, former Isan robbers go back home. Their father is dying and asks them to find his lost son in Bangkok. They will of course meet the two policemen during their quest in Bangkok. The movie ends up happily with the two Isan men finding their half brother, the two policemen catching a big drug dealer and the young wife coming back.

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