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Year: 1983

Thai title: แก๊งไอติม
English title: Gang Ice-cream

Rating: 3/5
Director: ปกรณ์ พรหมพิทักษ์

Main actor: Joomjim Khemlek,Thuam Thoranong,Pipop Pupinyo
Main actress: Marasri Bangchang

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Thai movie แก๊งไอติม was released in year 1983 and lasts 1h38mn. It was released under VCD format by Solar company. Multiple songs are featured. Movie director is ปกรณ์ พรหมพิทักษ์. It is school time for children. Joomjim Khemlek is managing a few poor kids selling ice cream for him. Thip (อรพรรณ พานทอง), as teacher, is teaching slum children. Her mother Bangransi (Marasri Bangchang) believes it is useless. She would like her daughter to teach in rich schools. Poor kids are influenced by their parent’s behavior such as illegal betting (การพนัน). The kids need to earn money to help their parents. Some kids have no more parents. An older teacher is also upset by their influence on other children. Thanks to gambling (หาเงินไม่ถูกต้อง), the kid Dam is able to fulfil his dream, i.e buy a bicycle. Thuam Thoranong, as headmaster (ครูใหญ่), is quite open minded thanks to Thip but an older lady teacher forbids some kids to sell ice cream in school as it causes children to spend all their pocket money. The poor children try to sell somewhere else, but it is not successful as competition is hard. Teacher Thip decides to help them and to buy their ice cream to support them but they refuse as teacher Thip is always nice (ใจดี) to them and trying to teach to behave properly. As teacher Thip is smart, she finds ways for them to succeed in their small business. Elder ice cream seller Chat (ทนงศักดิ์ ศุภการ) is secretly fond of teacher Thip. Teacher Thip proposes a special program to teach those kids out of scolarisation. The headmaster accepts. Thip mixes the children so they know each other better (ต้องรักกัน). Friendship occurs when Dam helps one of the children about to drown. The poor kids are not able to sell ice cream anymore as a Jumbo shop opens near the school. Thip’s mother finds a new position of teacher for her daughter. The Jumbo owner refuses to join force with the slum children as he is not willing to share benefits (รวมหุน). Joomjim hires Pipop (Pipop Pupinyo) as hitman. Pipop kidnaps the ice cream shop owner’s daughter and becomes uncontrollable. Chat is the one to help (ทำดี ได้ดี). Finally, all kids get a job in Jumbo shop and also some shares. Thip is back to celebrate their achievement.

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