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Year: 2004

Thai title: ขุนกระบี่ผีระบาด
English title: SARS Wars

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Thep Po-ngam,Somchai Sakdikul
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun

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Sars decease spreads worldwide and reaches Thailand. The first to be contaminated is famous TV star Andrew Biggs! Andrew Biggs is television personality in Thailand. Meanwhile the daughter of a mafia leader, called Liu, is kidnapped and kept in the same building as Andrew biggs. A ten million baht ransom is requested. Police shall not be contacted to avoid the daughter facing serious trouble. The father hires a man, who recommends his best student called Nai. Nai speaks like an old style Ayutthaya soldier. Liu succeeds to escape her kidnappers and is rescued by Nai. Andrew Biggs has then become a zombie eating flesh and contaminates many other people in the building. The Thai government closes the building as the virus has spread inside. It is full of zombies. Liu and Nai cannot exit. One government doctor wishes to try her vaccin while another doctor wishes to destroy the whole building to eradicate the virus. This comedy movie mocks the infamous Thai cinema censors and OTOP products (One Tambon One Product). It features Thai classic gags including lady boys (กะเทย), flatulence, giant snake, crazy ghosts (ผีบ้า). It includes references to other foreign movies Jedi, Alien and Thai horror with baby spirits (กุมารทอง). Nai gets bitten also. His master (อาจารย์) comes to help. They suceed to defeat the giant snake and escape from the building. The kidnapper has disguised himself as Liu and so Nai has lost his virginity to a transsexual... Finally the real Liu is retrieved. The bad doctor is bitten by the zombie baby so the SARS decease is not stopped. This movie includes gore scenes with zombies and many funny gags. It really looks like a crazy sexy manga. This movie was not a big success at the Thai box office but it has become a cult movie outside Thailand.

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