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Year: 2014

Thai title: ผีโครตๆ
English title: The ghost father

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie ผีโครตๆ / The ghost father was released in year 2014 and lasts 1h45mn. A painter and his pregnant wife are staying in a Buddhist temple as the husband has to decorate the main chapel for one month. They are not rich, so they cannot afford to rent a house inside the city. The abbot proposes to them to stay in an abandoned traditional house behind the temple. The house needs serious cleaning. Jong, a strange old temple boy (เด็กวัด) living in the temple, guides them. The house is located above an old cemetery (ป่าช้าเก่า) so an old aunt warns them. At night time, they hear strange noise. Meanwhile a young adult is trying to escape police as he stole a rare Buddha statue having a value of 2M Baht. While fleeing the police, he reaches the old house and hides it in a jar. He is then arrested by the Thai Police. He concludes a deal with the corrupted head of police to share the resale value 70%-30%. They go back to the house to get the statue. Meanwhile the husband has found the Buddha statue. As the police enters in the house, the husband and wife have to hide. Finally, there is no ghost in the house… but concurrent unfortunate events between the corrupted policemen looking for the Buddha statue and some illegal gamblers looking to get back the money they had to hide in the old house while fleeing the police...

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