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หอแต๋วแตก 3 แหวกชิมิ
หอแต๋วแตก 3 แหวกชิมิ

Year: 2011

Thai title: หอแต๋วแตก 3 แหวกชิมิ
English title: Hor Taew Tak 3 - Wak Shimi

Rating: 2/5
Director: พจน์ อานนท์

Main actor: Koeti Aramboy,Jaturong Mokjok,Ekkachai Srivichai
Main actress:

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Thai movie หอแต๋วแตก 3 แหวกชิมิ - / Hor Taew Tak 3 - Wak Shimi was released in year 2011 and lasts 1h43mn. The movie poster has to be updated before the release as the poster was considered as culturally incorrect. A tight male swimming suit was replaced by pants. The movie made a gross revenue of 34M THB. The usual ladyboys team (Koeti Aramboy (แพนเค้ก), Jaturong Mokjok (เจ๊แต๋ว), Ekkachai Srivichai (มดดำ)...) is moving to a new dormitory (หอใหม่) but it is a haunted dormitory. Red building is forbidden to access. A female ghost is seen. Another male ghost is seen in the swimming pool. Pancake tries to keep others far from the swimmer ghost, named Teng Thong, as he is very handsome. Dan is the dorm responsible. There is a secret within the red building. Teng Thong died in the swimming pool due to a short circuit. The movie trended on modern topics such as Blackberry BB. Jealousy happens between friends regarding Teng Thong. Teng Tong is finally a vampire. Dan hires some vampire hunters, Plat Phi and โจอี้ เชิญยิ้ม, to catch Teng Tong but they fail to find his coffin. The team realizes that Dan is having a secret. They enquire to identify who killed Teng Tong. Final sequences include werewolves, usage of giant phallus as a rocket and so on… As usual with Hor Taew Tak movies series, there is an excess in language, flashy clothes, salacious jokes. Pancake and Teng Tong get finally married.

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