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Year: 2010

Thai title: สาระแนเห็นผี
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Mario Maurer,Mum Jokmok,Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress: Patcharapa Chaichua

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Thai Horror comedy movie สาระแนเห็นผี was released in year 2010 and lasts 1h47mn. Doo (Mario Maurer) and his friend are out for fun in a discotheque in Bangkok. Following a misunderstanding, mafia leader Suchao Pongwilai is shot dead during an accident in the discotheque. Doo and his friend must flee. They kidnap young lady Ratree (Patcharapa Chaichua) to use her car. Ratree keeps drinking so it looks like she is heartbroken. They take refuge in a Buddhist temple. Thai Police is chasing them. Local undertaker (สัปเหร่อ) takes care of them and indicates a refuge where to go. Seua Pop (Mum Jokmok) is living there. The undertaker is a professional former hitman, so he is impressed by the young men, who dared to shoot a famous mafia leader! They receive bone powder in the eyes so they all can see ghosts now. Thai singer ศุภักษร ไชยมงคล has a small cameo role. Pop has also a strange family. They get shot at night time by an angry man. Pop and his family were in fact already dead. Surrounded by ghosts, Ratree and the two boys must flee again. Ratree meets her boyfriend (ไปกับพี่ / ไปกับผี). He is already dead also. Following an accident, his head hurt a pillar while Ratree was driving. She had hidden the body inside the car trunk. Her boyfriend, wishing to take her back, causes her car to have an accident. All are dead. Being ghosts, Ratree is now Doo’s girlfriend.

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