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น้ำ ผีนองสยองขวัญ
น้ำ ผีนองสยองขวัญ

Year: 2010

Thai title: น้ำ ผีนองสยองขวัญ
English title: H2-OH

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Koeti Aramboy,Akom Preedakul
Main actress: Intira Jaroenpura

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Mook disappears in a swimming pool. Somebody drags her under the water. Charlie is a rescuer. One evening while driving carelessly and arguing with his girlfriend over the phone, he hits a passerby. It is Mook! Hopefully she is not dead but has lost her memory. At nighttime a ghost (ผีตามมา) tries to kill her. Charlie has to help her to recover her memory and thoughts. The ghost is coming through the water that is leaking in the hospital. Every time Mook swims, such as rescuing a young girl, ghosts try to drown her (ผีหลอก). Charlie starts to get more information. Mook is a sport student who disappeared two years ago. She starts to remember and meets her former gym teacher, who is now blind. On that tragic night he was driving the mini bus of the students. They have many medals and always promise to stay together. Being drunk, the driver hit a big truck coming in opposite direction. The mini bus falls in the river. Mook succeeds to escape but the other students die. A promise can be given but it can withdraw also (สบาญถอดได้). Finally to ask the spirits regarding the promise withdraw, they need to go back to the former swimming pool which is now closed. Their policeman friend, nicknamed officer (ผู้กอง) despite being only a first grade staff, helps them to enter. Through touching words, Mook convinces the ghosts to stop their quest for applying the former promise. This movie features Intira Jaroenpura, who played in many horror movies, and Koeti Aramboy, young comic actor. This movie includes a popular mix of two kinds of favorite movies by Thai audience, i.e. comedy and horror.

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