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หอแต๋วแตก 2
หอแต๋วแตก 2

Year: 2009

Thai title: หอแต๋วแตก 2
English title: Oh My Ghosts!

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Koeti Aramboy,Jaturong Mokjok,Ekkachai Srivichai
Main actress: Tukkie

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Thai movie หอแต๋วแตก 2 (แหกกระเจิง) was released in year 2009. It lasts 1h30mn. There is a mix of scary, comic and teenage sequences. This Thai comedy movie features typical flatulence Thai gags, visual gags and reference to some of the jokes found in Baan Phi Pop (บ้านผีปอบ) film series. It looks like the movie was shoot inside a museum. The same three ladyboys (กะเทย) (Taew as Jaturong Mokjok, Ekkachai Srivichai, ยิ่งศักดิ์ จงเลิศเจษฎาวงศ์), owning a dormitory, need to find where Pancake (Koeti Aramboy) died in order to do proper funeral offerings. They find he died in the toilet so they do pray facing the basin! There is one ghost (Tukkie), called Usamanee, in the dormitory wearing Thai traditional dancer clothes. Pa Yoon (ติ๊ก กลิ่นสี), new tenant (เช่าห้อง), sends a ball on the dormitory’s spirit house. It causes Usamanee's anger and Ploy, Pa Yoon's assistant, dies. There is another Thai ghost lady, called Tichada (อภิญญา สกุลเจริญสุข), in the dormitory. Pancake is having arguments with Usamanee (อีผีบ้า). As usual tenants wish to leave as the dormitory is haunted. It is identified that Pa Yoon, Usamanee and Tichada are related to each other in a previous life. Pa Yoon plans to perform a special ceremony to ensure Usamanee and Tichada cannot rebirth again in another life. Pa Yoon and Toi (วีรดิษฐ์ ศรีมาลัย) were husband and wife in a previous life but Toi liked Usamanee so Pa Yoon killed both Usamanee and Tichada. Pancake and the three ladyboys have to go back in the past to gather information in order to defeat Pa Yoon. As usual, the ladyboys in “Hor Thae Tak” film series wear flashy clothes (แต่งตัวแรง).

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