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Year: 2009

Thai title: ผีตุ๋มติ๋ม
English title: Pee Toom Tim

Rating: 1/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Pee Toom Tim is a gay ghost comedy taking place during football World cup qualifications. Rak is a successful football goalkeeper and is part of Thailand national team. During a match, he is injured on the head and dies. A spirit (วิญญาณ), called Ming, enters the dead body. The big issue is that Ming is gay so Rak's character changes from a macho to a gay style. Ming has to deal with Rada, Rak's girlfriend. Rak's goalkeeper duty is important as Thailand national football team has the opportunity to qualify for the first time for World cup. His teammates believe Rak is crazy as he is talking alone but in fact talking in fact with Yama (พระยม), the hell god. Ming has to perform a few missions (qualify the football team for world cup, declare his love to Rada, help for the acceptance of a gay member in a family - เป็นกะเทยแต่เป็นคนดี - and in Thai society as a whole, help a young Thai man to achieve his dreams to be a dancer instead of being a policeman as requested by his father, organize a wedding between a cheerleader and a footballer and so on...). As usual, there are a few bad cliches about gay characters working in bars or gay shows. One of the coach promises to drug the national team as he has debts with the mafia. As he knows that Rak is possessed by a spirit, the coach is seeking help from a master (อาจารย์) in order to fight Ming (ผีนรก / ผีตูด). Ming prevents this to happe and the national team is qualified. Finally Rak spirit is allowed to come back in his own body. The movie was shot in 2002 but only released in 2009 as the executive producer worried for Sahamongkol Film International reputation!

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