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Year: 2009

Thai title: วงษ์คำเหลา
English title: Wongkumlao

Rating: 3/5
Director: Mum Jokmok

Main actor: Mum Jokmok,Somchai Sakdikul
Main actress:

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Ramon is a young lady. She is an English teacher in a HiSo family living in a palatial house. The family includes crazy domestics, a stammering son called Johnnie incapable to study hard during private English lesson, a lazy daughter called Maew, a mother (คุณหญิง) playing in illegal casino (บ่อน). Bow, young man, is fianced with Maew. The HiSo family wears exuberant clothes and has a high pitch tone when speaking. They all have funny long Thai names. The grandfather is sick but still has enough strength to hide four bunnies in his room. Ramon, the leading actress (นางเอก), is a poor lady bothered by the various jealous ladies. Johnnie's brother Phet, wearing a beautiful immaculate white suit, comes back from foreign countries. Maew and her mother (นางอิจฉา) dislike Ramon. Bow, despite being Maew's fiance, has high interest into Ramon. He offers her flowers and gifts causing Maew's ire. Bow asks Chet to act as an intermediate (พ่อซื้อ) to seduce Ramon. The HiSo family needs to think about Phet's wedding. During a family trip to Hua Hin, the mother and Maew use ruffians (ตัวกง) to injure Ramon but to no avail. The family has a declining jewelry business. Ramon makes new designs and Phet wishes to operate new business changes. Mysteriously Ramon's successful designs are stolen. During typical TV series, surprising announcements always happen on the last episode. So during the official collection launch, it is discovered that Ramon is a undercover policewoman. The family lawyer is dishonest and has stolen the jewelry designs. A wedding between Ramon and Chet can happily take place. This movie needs to be seen tongue in cheek as it is a satire of Thai TV serie / soap opera called locally 'Lakorn' (ละคร). It includes the leading actress (นางเอก), who is always a kind and nice person. She never kisses her boyfriend neither held his hand. The bad girl (นางอิจฉา) tries everything to be the main actor's girlfriend and always tries to get rid off the leading actress. She is often a stereotypical character who does not hesitate to do bad things to the leading actress. The leading actor is called พระเอก. A group of funny comedians (ตัวตลก) supports the leading actor. The funny comedians are represented here as 'katoei' (กะเทย - man dressed like a woman), who always has a silly but funny role to play. The movie is based on famous Thai TV series such as 'Baan Sai thong' (บ้านทรายทอง). It includes sickly sentimental music (รักเธอหมดใจ).

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