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Year: 1988

Thai title: คุณนายแจ๋วแหวว
English title:

Rating: 1/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Apiradee Pawaputanon,Pen Pisut

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Thai movie คุณนายแจ๋วแหวว was released in year 1988 and lasts 1h34mn. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Pen Pisut, อธิวัฒน์ สนิทวงศ์ ณ อยุธยา, Apiradee Pawaputanon, วัชระ ปานเอี่ยม, รวัฒน์ ทองจิตติ, วัลวิภา โยคะกุล. The movie was released under VCD format by company Lepso Studio LTD. Chaew (Pen Pisut) is engaged as a new maid in a big house. She has no experience so makes silly and funny mistakes. The employer's son (อธิวัฒน์ สนิทวงศ์ ณ อยุธยา) starts to get fond of Chaew. Of course his girlfriend tries to oppose. But such a wedding between a maid and the son of a rich family is socially impossible. Chaew has to flee. Hopefully it is discovered that in fact Chaew is coming from a rich family...

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