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Year: 2008

Thai title: เทวดาท่าจะเท่ง
English title: Tengs Angel

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Pongsak Pongsuwan,Charoenporn Awnlamai
Main actress: Bongkoj Kongmalai,Wiyada Umarin

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Kluey is working in a Likay theater (ลิเก) in Nakhon Pathom. One day Kluey makes an offering to a shrine spirit and invites the spirit to watch Likay. A comic deity comes every evening to enjoy the Likay performance. Kluey is single and always dreams about Fa, a Thai actress (ดารา). Kluey gets always mocked (โดนแกล้ง) by others. Only a young woman called Oum has interest in him but he is not aware of it. He is so sad that the comic deity (เทวดา) decides to help him. Kluey asks wishes to the deity. He wishes to get 500 000 baht and Fa to be his girlfriend. But the deity makes the reality different from his dreams! He has to become a robber to get 500 000 baht from a 7-11 eleven shop and has Fa as hostage. As the deity always misinterprets Kluey's wishes, it creates various humorous sequences. In one sequence, he is the monk wishing to expulse the spirit from Buppha Rahtree (บุปผาราตรี) played by Fa. It is an hommage to Thai director Yuthlert Sippapak for his Buppha Rahtree movie saga blending horror and comedy. Then in another sequence Kluey is a grandfather (ปู่) in a hospital visited by his granddaughter as he wished that Fa takes care about him. In the last sequence he wishes to be a rich star to be able to seduce Fa. Finally he understands that he has to be himself (เป็นตัวเอง). He also realizes that love was close to him with Oum. There is a happy ending.

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