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Year: 1968

Thai title: ทรามวัยใจเพชร
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Sukon Koewliam
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Metta Roongrat,Kaenjai Meenakanit,Malee Wetpraseri

Seup (Sombat Methanee) and his friend Kom disguised as a fake Indian are doing illegal medium activities. As Kom and Seup have misbehaved, they need to accept a mission proposed by the Police. Old Lady Ying (หม่อมหญิง) needs to be protected. Lady Ying (Malee Wetpraseri) hates men so Kom and Seup have to wear female clothes and act as katoeys (กะเทย). Lady Ying always tries to convince her 2 nieces Rung (Petchara Chaowarat) and Kan (Metta Roongrat) to avoid meeting men. Rung and Kan are working in lady Ying's company but notices that the finance manager is cheating. Rung requests 700 000 baht. The manager asks some thugs for support in order to rob them. As Kom and Seup are travelling with Rung and Kan, they are able to punch back the ruffians. Chompoo (Kaenjai Meenakanit) also arrives in Mom's house looking for a job. She has to stay in the same room as Kom and Seup. It is difficult for Kom and Seup to remain insensible to Chompoo's attractiveness. They are all going to the beach. Many comic situations happen as some old men (Sukon Koewliam) want to try to seduce Kom and Seup. Rung and Kan are missing love as the grandmother hates men. Seup takes profit to be closer to Rung. Chompoo helps to kidnap the grandmother and asks for 500 000 baht ransom. Rung and her friends bring the ransom but then are also captured. Kom called the police before to warn them about the location. It seems that Choompu has been mislead. During the fight with ruffians, fake hair falls so Seup's real male identity is disclosed. Seup is actually an undercover police captain (ผู้กอง)! Three weddings including the three female characters can then happily happen! This 2h15mn Thai movie released in 1968 is a funny romantic comedy as Sombat Methanee excels in playing a woman.

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