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ฉลุยหิน คนไข่สุดขอบโลก
ฉลุยหิน คนไข่สุดขอบโลก

Year: 1994

Thai title: ฉลุยหิน คนไข่สุดขอบโลก
English title: Egg man

Rating: 3/5
Director: นพดล พรหมบัณฑิตสกุล

Main actor: Sor Asanajinda
Main actress:

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Thai movie ฉลุยหิน คนไข่สุดขอบโลก / Egg man was released in year 1994 and lasts 1h33mn. Movie director is นพดล พรหมบัณฑิตสกุล. The movie happens during prehistoric times. People cannot talk properly so a back off voice is commenting. A group of men is controlling a whole community. They control อำนาจ (power), น้ำ (water), ไฟ (fire), กำลัง (force). Sor Asanajinda is their sorcerer. One young adult, Tong Tong (ต๋องต๋อง), doesn't accept this system. Knowing there is no more water soon, he tries to push the others to rebel versus the sorcerer, but it fails. He is chased from the community. He has difficulty surviving. Tong Tong meets a chubby young man Teng. They become friends. A walking plant keeps following them. Then they meet young lady Tom Tom (จันทร์จิรา จูแจ้ง) and her brother. Tom Tom (จ๋อมจ๋อม) likes Tong Tong. Tong Tong is able to start a fire by using the tricks he saw from the sorcerer. They face dangers such as dinosaur attacks but survive. The three men follow some chubby ladies up to their village, but they are cannibals! They are captured. Tom Tom tries to help them, but to no avail as she is also captured. About to be grilled, a tornado occurs and wipes the cannibal village away. Being separated, they finally find each other. Tong Tong improves his knowledge and language skills thanks to a book. Tom Tom is now pregnant with Tong Tong. Tong Tong brings Tom Tom to a place with a waterfall. Villagers capture Tong Tong and Tom Tom is left for dead. Even the flower is smashed. Tom Tom gets some stones able to make fire and defeat the villagers. Tom Tom becomes the new sorcerer, but he is not willing to abuse his power like Sor was doing.

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