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Year: 1984

Thai title: ตะวันยิ้มแฉ่ง
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Kumtorn Tubkunlai

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Sor Asanajinda
Main actress: Piyamas Monayakol,Janthana Siriporn

In Nan province, animist forest people (คนป่า) are discovered. They are called "Phi Tong Leuang" (ผีตองเหลือง) or Mlabri ethnic group. They do not possess anything and share everything within the group. They are exploited by Bangkokian people to cut trees in forest. They stop to cut trees because deities (ผีฟ้า) are angry. A professor sends a group of students including a young lady called Doktawan to study and to catch a "Phi Tong Leuang" in the forest. In Ta Wa Dung village, people from Chinese origins are living. They are far from civilization and are friend of the Mlabri ethnic group. Cheng is a young man living in Ta Wa Dung village. The students mistakes Cheng as a Mlabri ethnic group member and catches him. Cheng is same as French Asterix and his magic potion. Cheng gets high strength when getting exposed to sun. As he wishes to visit Bangkok, he lets himself captured. There, he is exposed like an animal in a cage. Doktawan educates him to modern world (radio, music, dance). A romance happens between Cheng and Doktawan. The illegal logging company sends ruffians to get rid of Cheng so he has to flee. Police catches him and sends him to hospital for crazy people as he is walking half naked. Meanwhile Cheng's parents are worried and decide to go to Bangkok to search for him. They arrive in Bangkok with elephants and horses to look for him! Finally Cheng is reunited with his family but it is discovered that he is not a Mlabri so he needs to help Doktawan to find real Mlabri ethnic group members. Meanwhile the illegal logging company wants to kill all Mlabri people to be able to exploit the forest. Gun fight happens in famous Earth Pillars site at Sao Din. Police arrives on time to rescue the students and Mlabri. This is a typical Thai comedy from the 1980s decade with a "katoey" (กะเทย) in the funny and silly role, gags from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "The Gods Must Be Crazy" (1981). There is very bad taste as the illegal logging company ruffians often carry a nazi flag to emphasize their badness. In 2009 the operator of a waxworks museum in Pattaya has been forced to cover up a giant billboard of Adolf Hitler giving a Nazi salute after complaints. This movie includes first introduction of hidden advertisement with beer brand name promotion.

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