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Year: 1983

Thai title: ไอ้แก้วไอ้ทอง
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Lor Tok

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Songthong,Settha Sirachaya,Lor Tok,Nirut Sirijanya
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Piathip Kumwong,Wiyada Umarin

Ai kaew Ai thong is a romantic comedy featuring Jarunee and Toon. Kaew and Thong are released from prison. Thong is 70 years old and has nowhere to go so Kaew invites him to stay together. His mother chases Kaew away as he sold old artifacts from the family home (แม่ด่า). They need to find ways to make a living such as waiters in a Chinese restaurant. They are finally expelled as food is spilled on customers. They find a new job in a house as gardeners. Maem is the house owner's beautiful daughter. The Chinese restaurant owners have a son Jun who is slightly retarted (ปัญญาอ่อน). They wish their son to marry Maem as her parents own land. So they need to teach him how to seduce a woman. It failed miserably as he falls from balcony into the pond. Kaew dives to help him and gets higher credit from Maem. Kaew and Thong simulate being prince and servant in front of other domestic helpers in order to enhance their status in the house towards Maem. Maem is a strong young lady (คนสวยปากร้าย). Kaew lies to Maem regarding a fake golden necklace in order to get a kiss. Jun parents hire a lady (Wiyada Umarin, veteran actress, often playing such role) to teach Jun how to perform husband duties on bed. As the golden necklace becomes dark after one day, their stratagem fails. Maem condemns them to dig a big hole. While digging, they find an old Chinese sword (ดาบ). The father sends Maem, Kaew and Thong to Hong Kong to sell it. As they cannot sell it, they have to find odd jobs to pay for food and accommodation. Maem is driving a rickshaw. In 1980 rickshaw usage in Hong Kong was already low. Thong is driving a kaido boat. Kaew is doing the tour guide on Cheng Chau island. They are waiting for the father to send tickets back home but the father is very avaricious and expect them to buy the tickets from the spade sale. Feelings start between Maem and Kaew. A ruffian Khun Seu (นักเลง) loves a singer (นักร้อง) and chases after her. Maem is involved as rickshaw driver and helps the singer to flee. To escape from Seu, the singer pays for their tickets back to Thailand. Jun cannot marry Maem anymore as he caught decease from little virtue woman. Knowing that they cannot sell the sword as the Chinese family linkage was broken, the father chases Kaew and Thong from his home causing Maem’s despair as Kaew is a kind man (คนมีเมตตา). They finally find a last descendant in Thailand and gets 20M baht for the sword. Kaew can now ask for Maem's hand but performs a last trick to avaricious father. it is a typical good mood romantic comedy from 1980s decade featuring superstar Jarunee and Toon.

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