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Year: 2016

Thai title: ธุดงควัตร
English title: Wandering

Rating: 4/5
Director: Boonsong Nakphoo

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie Wandering / ธุดงควัตร was released in year 2016 and lasts 2h01mn. The movie director is Boonsong Nakphoo. The movie was shot with a budget of only 1M Baht so film students were part of the crew. This movie was mainly shown in independent theaters. Boonsong Nakphoo has been monk for ten years so he wanted to make a movie showing the essence of Buddhism. Ngoh loses his job as rubber tapper. He keeps drinking alcohol. His wife has dumped him, and his son is dead. He seems in a negative spiral and nothing is going on well... He finally meets a monk, who asks if alcohol will really help him to solve his problems. Later, after found being beaten by thugs, the monk proposes him to visit his temple located inside a forest. Ngoh goes there and even borrows money from the temple to pay back some debts. Visiting his dead son's tomb, he promises to him to stop drinking. He finally goes back to the Buddhist temple to help the monk. After a while and deep thinking, he asks to become a monk. It takes time for him to adjust to new monk life, so he follows what the master (อาจารย์) is doing first. He ordained to bring merit for his dead son. The master brings him in the jungle in a remote meditation center. Many old venerable masters stayed there before. The master is not speaking a lot. Back in the meditation center, he hallucinates and see his son. A young lady starts to visit the temple, but he feels uneasy. She represents the temptation. The monk decides to go on the top of the mountain as he knows it is too high and too hard for the tempters. The movie ends up while the monk is meditating on the top of the mountain. Same as Buddha, he defeats the demon Mara pushing for temptation.

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